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We are a family-owned business, consisting of a father and son, with the goal of revolutionising the way you purchase your food.

Welcome to Love What You Eat, your go-to destination for quality foods that you won’t find at your typical supermarket. As a family-operated business, we take pride in sourcing and delivering the finest and most unique products to our customers.

Our story began with Martin Darnley, who founded the business in a small unit just outside Bristol, in the beautiful West Country. Martin’s vision was clear from the start: to support and showcase the incredible array of local food suppliers in the region. With a passion for great food and a commitment to promoting local producers, Love What You Eat was born.

Today, Love What You Eat continues to uphold Martin’s legacy, with his son Jordan joining the family business to carry on the tradition. We work tirelessly to seek out the best and most distinctive foods. Our goal remains unchanged: to provide our customers with access to exceptional foods that celebrate the diversity and quality of our local food landscape.

When you choose Love What You Eat, you’re not just buying food – you’re supporting a community of passionate producers and artisans who pour their heart and soul into their craft. Join us on a culinary journey through the West Country and beyond, and discover the true joy of food that’s made with love.

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Our Story

At Love What You Eat, we bring 25 years of expertise in the frozen food home delivery sector right to your doorstep. We’re dedicated to offering a reliable, convenient, and personalised online home delivery service that caters to your needs.

With a commitment to affordability and excellence, we source our products from award-winning suppliers who share our passion for quality. Whether it’s succulent meats, fresh seafood, or organic produce, we ensure that every item we deliver meets the highest standards of origin and quality.

We’ve witnessed the growing demand for restaurant-quality food delivered straight to people’s homes. This realization fueled the growth of our online business, allowing us to reach even more customers who value premium ingredients and exceptional taste.

Just like our customers, we prioritize the origin and quality of our food. That’s why we support grass-fed, free-range meats, sustainable fishing practices, free range and Red Tractor accredited produce, and the associated nutritional benefits they offer. We remain steadfast in our commitment to traditional British farming practices, ensuring that our high-welfare animals enjoy a natural diet that reflects our values and dedication to ethical sourcing.

When you choose Love What You Eat, you’re not just getting food delivered to your home – you’re getting a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the joy of eating well. Join us in celebrating the best of British farming and culinary excellence, one delicious meal at a time.

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