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Cote de Boeuf 32oz


Cote de Boeuf 32oz
Hand prepared grass fed Beef from our award winning butchers


The Côte de Boeuf is a magnificent beef rib cut. Mirroring its French-trimmed counterpart, this cut is renowned for its inherent fat layer and juiciness.

Matured  and aged on the bone, this beef promises an exceptional flavor that stands out in every bite.

Its rustic finish preserves some of the most flavorful meat portions. When charred to perfection, they release a burst of taste, making this beef cut an ideal choice for lavish steak meals and memorable events.

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Love What You Eat Cote de Boeuf 32oz: A Culinary Delight

Love What You Eat Côte de Boeuf is an exquisite beef rib cut. Much like its French-trimmed counterpart, it stands out for its juiciness and natural fat layer. The magic happens when this meat, dry-aged for a minimum of 32 days on the bone, is cooked. It caramelises, and thanks to the dry-ageing process, the result is meat that’s not only naturally tender but also packed with unparalleled flavour.

This beef cut’s rustic finish safeguards some of the most delectable meat portions. When charred just right, they release an explosion of taste, making it perfect for hearty steak dinners and memorable occasions.

Dry Aged Cote Du Boeuf is a specialty of our award-winning Butchers.

Additional Information on Dry-Aged Beef:

Dry-aged beef is beef that’s been matured for a set duration in a controlled setting exposed to dry air. This method enhances the beef’s flavor concentration and tenderness. As the meat’s moisture evaporates, the enzymes present in the beef break down its connective tissues.

The dry aging duration can differ, usually spanning from a few days to several weeks. Throughout this period, the beef is kept in a controlled environment concerning temperature and humidity. Typically, the beef is set on a rack, ensuring air circulation around it, and is often draped with a cheesecloth for protection against dust and pests.

While dry-aged beef might be pricier than its fresh counterpart due to the aging costs and the moisture and weight loss during the process, many gastronomes believe that the distinct taste and softness of dry-aged beef justify the added expense.


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