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Halloween Dinner Party Recipe Ideas

16 October 2021

You may be planning a Halloween party this year, as we could not last year. So why not try this spooky Halloween dinner party ideas. Whether you're feeding a couple of adults or a crowd of kids, these recipes work for everyone. These recipe ideas are easy to make and prepare, so you can still...


We don’t always get it right, and we’re really sorry about that!

4 October 2021

Why we’re delisting Faroe Island Salmon and are proud to do so!


Pork & Apple Curry

26 September 2021

A delicious fruity curry that is a great family favourite, perfect for batch cooking too!


World Paella Day

11 September 2021

The world-renowned Valencian rice dish, Paella, will be celebrated on the 20th of September. Paella is traditionally cooked with both meat and fish on an open fire. The city of Valencia is encouraging cooks from around the world to try their hand at creating their iconic Spanish dish.



National Burger Day

24 August 2021

Most of us all love a good burger, especially when it is homemade with all the toppings and a bit of spice to add a little something extra. National Burger Day is the 26th August 2021 so why not celebrate one of the nations most loved dishes. 


King Crab Canape

15 August 2021

Freddy Bird, our expert chef has shared a great recipe for a simple canape to liven up a dinner party or summers evening get to together. Will not take long to prepare, so you can spend even more time with your guests. 


Stake Wings with Caper Butter

9 August 2021

Fancy trying a more unusual fish but do not know where to start? Don’t worry our expert chef is on hand, Freddy Bird gives us an idea to how he would prepare some beautiful Stake Fillets.


Freddy on Saturday Kitchen

17 July 2021

Our expert chef, Freddy Bird joined by Matt Tebbutt, Meera Sodha and special guest Miles Jupp, was on Saturday Kitchen at the weekend (17th July). He wonderfully demonstrated how to make his Iberico Pork Chops, Puree Potato and Butchers Sauce, using our very own Iberico Pork Rack. 


National Picnic Month

4 July 2021

July is National Picnic month. A perfect time to get the blanket out, spend time with friends and family and time in the great outdoors.