Classic Comforts: Toad in the Hole

15 October 2020

We love this receipe and it works well with a layer of leeks or onions or a mixture of both.

Ingredients for 6 portions

2 leeks or 2 large onions or one of each

2 LWYE sausages per person

140 grams plain flour

4 eggs

200ml milk

Salt, pepper and oil for cooking



Slice a couple of leeks and sauté quickly in a pan to soften.

Heat the oven to 180°C. Add a little oil to a dish, add the sausages and brown them in the oven for a few minutes each side.

Meanwhile make the batter.

Place the flour, salt & pepper in a bowl, make a well and crack the eggs.  Beat until smooth, gradually add in the milk beating all the time to avoid lumps. Put it in the fridge.

When the sausages are browed, lift them out of the dish, turn the oven up to 200°C and then place the leeks or onions in the bottom of the dish.

Space the sausages evenly on top to allow easy serving and then quickly whisk the batter and pour over the sausages (if they move-move them back again) then place in the oven cook for about 20-25 minutes until risen. 

Meanwhile prepare your veg and get the gravy ready  - Delicious