Freezer Fish Fest

1 September 2020

I thought I would share a couple of fish WOW moments with you.  I am having a new freezer and in preparation for this I thought I would go through and see what I had and what I could use before I need to move it. So for the last week we have been living totally out of the freezer and in fact found it very easy to do.  We have had Love What You Eat Minted Lamb Pie, Confit of Duck a couple of steaks and also the fish. 


First off I found I had 2 giant fish fingers left so we had yummy fish finger butties for lunch. Gorgeous.  Then I found about of a third of a bag of king prawns.  I chopped up some ginger, garlic and chilli and marinated them.  Whilst waiting for them to marinate I went and picked a whole tub of plum tomatoes from the greenhouse and made these into a rich tomato sauce.  I cooked the prawns in the frying pan, re-heated the tomato sauce and cooked some fresh pasta.  A quick easy and very tasty supper.

I further searched through the drawers and found a raft of fish steaks etc, some fat juicy scallops and a bag of whitebait.  I really do start off well with my freezer, when I defrost it I always make a list and I go great guns for a while with everything all listed and accounted for then something will happen that will make it all go out of the window and I end up giving up on the list until the next defrost or in this case a new freezer.  Thinking about what was in there and what I might do I decided that a good idea would be a fish fest supper for friends.  So, I invited everyone and then set about planning the evening. 

First off I had some lovely cod steaks and thought I would make a Thai Fish Curry and serve that with rice.  A friend of mine had told me she had made on in her slow cooker and that it was delicious.  I sautéed a couple of chopped onions with some chopped fresh ginger and a finely chopped green chilli. When softened I then added in 4 teaspoons of Thai Curry Paste, a tablespoon of Fish sauce and the juice of a fresh lime. I brought this up to temperature and then added in a pint of chicken stock, a tin of coconut milk, three diced carrots and the cod cut into chunks.  I stirred it all together and brought it up to simmer and then put it into the slow cooker for 3 hours on high.  It was gorgeous

I then cut into goujons some salmon steaks, seabass, tuna and swordfish and coated these with flour egg and breadcrumbs ready for the last-minute frying. I then took the scallops, washed them well and dried them and put them in a bowl I mixed salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice and poured it over the scallops and set then aside.  The scallops will turn really white. I took some streaky bacon and cut it in half lengthwise and the wrapped each scallop in the bacon and secured them with a cocktail stick, I then whisked a couple of teaspoons of Dijon mustard and a teaspoon of honey into the marinade and set aside.

I made a very healthy green salad from the garden, I sliced tomatoes from the greenhouse and sprinkled with black pepper and olive oil, I made some garlic mayonnaise and a salad dressing. I cooked some fresh beetroot, sliced a large avocado and then just to do a complete calorie overload I peeled a bag of potatoes for chips.

When the guests arrived, I set the rice to cook, fried the chips in the deep fat fryer, shallow fried the fish goujons and grilled the scallops for about three minutes per side until the bacon was crispy.  As soon as the chips were done, I tipped them onto a heated plate onto some kitchen roll and then added the whitebait to the fryer.  I had dusted these with paprika flour for a little kick. 

My timing was perfect and everything got put on the table together with plates for the fish and fried food and bowls for the Thai Fish Curry.  I even remembered to pour the sauce over the scallops.  These scallops are a particular favourite of mine as the ones from Love What You Eat are always fat and juicy and have a lovely flavour.  

Well it all got finished, there was I thinking we might have something left over for the following days supper and there we were not a morsel left in sight.  Judging by the messages the following day everyone had really enjoyed and most asked to be invited the next time I cleared out the freezer!