LWYE to the rescue following a new cooker installation

24 August 2020

I have a new cooker – oh wow it is so clever and I am so looking forward to it. I was advised to buy a Neff as the person recommending it knows I like to cook and that my existing cooker was over 15 years old. However, it’s that clever that I am going to have to learn how to cook all over again.

My first attempt was appalling, I skip read the instructions as I think I am bright enough to sort it – only I am not.  So, two hours in and the food was still raw and we were starving, enter the freezer again and comes the Love What You Eat produce.  Out came the King Prawns and straight into cold water to defrost quickly whilst I peeled and chopped fresh ginger and garlic, chopped up a bag of watercress and quickly made a white sauce.  On went the pan of hot water for pasta.  I sautéed the ginger and garlic in some chilli infused oil, added the prawns and fried them until pink, then I chucked in the watercress to wilt and get hot, I then put the fresh pasta in the pot and took the prawn mix and stirred it into the white sauce.  25 minutes from the start and we sat down to a great supper having taken the failure out and salvaged what I could for the following day and thrown away the rest. 

The next day I made time to read the manual properly and discovered that I had completely overlooked the initial setting needed, so I had been trying to cook a full meal on the warming setting – duh!  So here I am looking at all the amazing things I can do with it, it defrosts, reheats, bakes, steams, roasts, braises and will often do two things together like steaming and roasting or steaming and baking.  You should see how brilliant the cupcakes came out, wow.  I did manage to save some of the stuff from the day before and turned out a below average meal so I am not going to share that with you.  We have had a laugh as I read through the book, I found out it does even more than the list above.  For instance, it will boil eggs, dry fruit and vegetables, it will even make yoghurt so you see I was not lying when I said I am going to have to learn to cook all over again as who would have thought an oven could do all that.

Last nights meal was brilliant using a combination of roasting and steam assisting, the vegetables came out perfect and full of flavour, the fish cooked to perfection and the jacket potato crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  I also had time to prep everything for tonight’s meal as it is also a slow cooker!

Watch this space I will share more with you as time goes on...