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Summer Holiday Saviours: Lemon Sole Goujons

12 August 2019

If you listen carefully you can hear the frustration of parents everywhere longing for the summer holidays to come to an end but a good thing to remember is that we have got your meal times covered with our Lemon Sole Goujons.


Summer Holiday Saviours: Jumbo Fish Fingers

10 August 2019

To make the next few weeks go a little more smoothly, we have got another Summer Holiday Saviour to reach out to! Now these aren’t just regular fish fingers, these are JUMBO fish fingers.


Summer Holiday Saviours: Haddock Nuggets

6 August 2019

With patience wearing thin and the end of the school holidays not yet in sight, we know that meal times may be feeling more like a battlefield than anything else but we've got some tasty options to help.