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The weather is getting warmer and the days are growing longer which can only mean one thing: spring is nearly upon us and eating healthy.

Eating healthy this spring with Love What You Eat

The weather is getting warmer and the days are growing longer which can only mean one thing: spring is nearly upon us and eating healthy. With thoughts of spring come a fresh renewal to the landscape and the ability to get outdoors more without having to remember our cold weather gear. Spring also means healthier eating as spring seafood, wines, and other seasonal classics will be showing up at local and online markets and farm stands everywhere.

Seasonal Eating

If you haven’t noticed by now, we are seasonal eaters. We have certain foods that we only eat during winter such as meat pies, other foods that are typically summertime favourites like steaks on the grill, and then there are the foods that we traditionally like to eat in spring. And, while this in no way dictates what we should make for dinner tonight, seasonal eating is generally based on the local harvest and what is growing in our region of the world right now.

Largest Selection Of Seasonal Food and Beverages

Seasonal eating for spring usually means healthy snacks that can fill us up and lighter entrees for those late dinners. This enables us to eat light without being hungry all day and perhaps even get in shape for the coming summer season. For many, seasonal eating also means shopping at LWYE for the freshest and most versatile selection of premium quality foods delivered direct to your door quickly and easily.

So, what’s popular this spring at Love What You Eat? Aside from the internet’s largest selection of fresh steaks, poultry, and seafood, and locally brewed specialty beers, Love What You Eat also carries a wide range of savoury meat pies, perfect for those cold spring days or anytime you want a tasty snack. Love What You Eat also carries a selection of decadent desserts including Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce, Golden Vanilla Cheesecake topped with Welsh vanilla fudge, or our popular Coppa Fiordilatte, a milk gelato with almond crunch, semi-candied strawberries, caramel and flaked almond topping.

So, if you are hungry for something healthy and delicious this spring, give us a try and experience the quality and value you will only find at Love What You Eat today.

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