Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Box

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Box

We've teamed up with French Garden, one of the UK's largest suppliers of fruit and veg, to bring you a seasonal fruit and veg box. The box contains a fresh, seasonal variety of 'Grade A' fruit and vegetables. 

Box contents: The box will always contain minimum 10kg of carefully selected fruit and veg, usually including 12 varieties of vegetables and 8 pieces of fruit. The contents do vary according to what is seasonal and available, and we cannot substitute individual items. An example box however might include: Potatoes | Carrots | Parsnips | Baby leaf spinach | Onions | Swede | Mushrooms | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Radish | Spring Onion | Chilli | Cavolo Nero | Apples |  Pears |  Oranges |  Lemons | Bananas | Grapefruit | and more...

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