Faroe Island (Bakkafrost) Salmon Fillets

Faroe Island (Bakkafrost) Salmon Fillets

Our skinless and boneless salmon fillets from the Faroe Islands are packed full of Omega 3. Not only are they incredibly healthy but they are also one of the most versatile foods on the market. These tasty salmon fillets are perfect for a whole host of dishes from pasta to nutritious salads, perfect any day of the week. 



Buy portion 140-170g


Buy pack of 6 (140 - 170g)


Buy portion 170 -200g


Buy pack of 6 (170 -200g)


Product Info

Store in freezer after delivery and before use. Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours, do not refreeze once thawed. Times may vary depending on oven or cooking method. Ensure product is thoroughly cooked before serving.

Bakkafrost - 6 - Harvesting from Bakkafrost on Vimeo.

For allergen information please see ingredients listed in bold. Salmon (Fish) (100%). Caution! May Contain Small Bones! Salmon is Classified as an Oily and Healthy Fish, which is High in Protein,Omega 3, Fatty Acids, and is High in Vitamin D.

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