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Beef Feather Blade 2 x 200g


Beef Feather Blade Steaks
Hand prepared by our award winning John Sheppard butchers:


The Feather Blade Steak is cut from the shoulder blade muscle. The name originates from the feather-like seam that runs through the center of the steak.

This steak is ideally suited to slow cooking or braising, during cooking the gelatinous seam then breaks down which gives the steak a rich depth of flavour.

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Beef Feather Blade

Unlock the hidden gem of dining pleasure with our Featherblade steak. Traditionally slow-cooked, this remarkable value cut transforms into a perfect grilling or BBQ steak with the right care. Elevate your culinary experience and relish the versatility and flavor it brings to your table.

2 x 200g Feather Blade Steaks

Great value £3.99 each

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