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Is our Meat & Fish from our Chef's Prepared Sustainably Sourced?

With these longstanding and trusted relationships we supply our customers with high quality and sustainable products with the highest level of provenance and food safety that not only tastes great but helps to ensure the long term sustainability of British farming and the beautiful UK country-side.


All of our goods are frozen and are delivered frozen. There are many benefits to frozen food including a longer shelf life, reduced chance of food borne bacteria living on the surface, and, if you shop with Love What You Eat, you can purchase individually packaged frozen meat and seafood. By individually packaging these items, they will arrive fresher, thaw faster, and you only defrost and cook what you need. Faster, higher quality, more convenience, and less waste.


We send with special gel packs and dry ice keeping the food frozen for 48 hours in specially designed polly boxes


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