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Extra Lean Grass Fed Minced Beef 375g

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  • Our extra lean British minced beef is made from off-cuts of our quality steaks.
  • From our award winning supplier 
  • Vacuum packed reducing unnecessary packaging

Perfect for homemade steak burgers, meatballs and koftas. There’s no need to add oil when pan frying, grilling or barbecuing this beef mince; simply baste the meat with the fat for pure, natural flavour.


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Extra lean minced beef 

Extra lean minced beef is a type of ground beef that has a low fat content. It is typically made from cuts of beef that are trimmed of visible fat, resulting in a leaner meat product.

Extra lean minced beef can be used in a variety of recipes, such as chili, spaghetti bolognese, or meatballs. When cooking with extra lean minced beef, it is important to add moisture to the meat to prevent it from becoming dry. This can be done by adding a sauce or liquid to the recipe, or by mixing the meat with other ingredients like vegetables or breadcrumbs.


Extra lean minced beef is a good option for those who want to reduce their fat intake without sacrificing flavor or protein. It can be a healthy and versatile ingredient for a wide range of recipes.

375g packs (5% fat)

Our extra lean British minced beef is made from off-cuts of our quality steaks.

This minced beef is cut coarser, with a higher concentration of fat.

Typically 95% fat free. The fat content allows the meat to bind easily with the fat, rendering it beautifully crisp and flavoursome –


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