Payment & Delivery Information

Payment Information

Please note that we use PayPal Checkout as our payment system and you do not need a PayPal account to complete your purchase. On the order page, please ensure that all fields have been completed before clicking the PayPal Checkout button. Once you click this link, you will then be able to select to pay using your own PayPal account or use a Credit/Debit card.

Delivery Information

Your order will be delivered straight to your door by one of our reliable distributors or by national courier service.

Orders will leave our depot at 6pm Monday to Thursday for delivery by 5:30pm the following day. There’ll be no need to wait in for your order as we won’t need a signature!

Insulated and sealed for safe transportation

Your order is packed in an insulated polystyrene container with a sealed pack of ice to ensure it stays frozen throughout its journey. In fact, all of our food is guaranteed to stay frozen for 24 hours out of the freezer.

Frozen to stay fresh for longer

Your food will stay fresh in your freezer for up to 12 months. With no minimum order, a quality tasty meal can always be available - without the timely preparation or shopping trips. Stock up today!

Our Packaging

Packaging allows us to deliver fresh, undamaged produce to your door whilst helping to maintain our strict food safety policy. However, we are committed to reducing plastics and are currently testing and researching plastic-free substitutes. As soon as we have found a safe and reliable alternative, we will be rolling it out across all of our deliveries.

White fish delivered straight to your door