Our award winning Buxton butchers

Our Award-winning Butchers

All of the quality meat products available at Love What You Eat are carefully prepared by our on-site, award-winning Buxton butchers. 

Our experienced butcher personally selects each cut from the finest English beef cattle ensuring it is sustainably farmed, fully traceable and ethical. Working closely with local chefs, our butchers create their dishes to perfection using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Some of our duck comes from Silverhill Farm in County Monaghan, where they have bred and reared them for 45 years.

Did you know that our ribeye steaks were even judged as the best tasting beef in the world by an independent panel of food journalists and industry leading chefs!


Love what you eat professional butcher

Himalayan Salt Curing

A little-known secret about Love What You Eat is that our beef is prepared in our dry ageing chamber which is lined with Himalayan Salt. The subtle pink salt stones provide an innovative storage solution maintaining the freshness of the meat without the need for any nasty chemicals. The storage process that maintains the freshness of the meat without the need for preservatives.

Our Awards:


Dry ageing meat chamber lined with Himalayan Salt