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Tips For Cooking Chicken Over A Firepit


Cooking chicken over a firepit is nothing like cooking ribs, steaks, hot dogs, or burgers. Chicken has thick fat layer under the skin which can drip onto the open fire causing flare-ups and charring. Besides that, it’s often difficult to know whether your chicken is cooked all the way through just by looking at it. […]

Top muscle building foods to Increase your energy

Muscle building exercises can be incredibly tiring and you will burn a lot of energy. To be successful, you need to create a muscle building diet and choose the right high-energy foods that can sustain you during an exhausting workout. This includes not only foods that are high in protein, but foods that contain complex […]

What Makes A Good Cut Of Beef?

Ribeye Steak 6oz

We are often asked here at Love What You Eat, ‘What makes a good cut of beef?’ Is it the cut itself? Is it the way you cook it? Or is it the fact that it came from that gourmet meal delivery service you like? You know the one, they offer easy online ordering and […]

The Benefits of Frozen Food

The Benefits of Frozen Food at Love What You Eat include a longer shelf life and reduced chance of food borne bacteria living on the surface.

Eating Healthy

The weather is getting warmer and the days are growing longer which can only mean one thing: spring is nearly upon us and eating healthy.

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