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Modern refrigerators are no longer just a box that keeps your food and produce cool. They are now high-tech digital appliances that maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer sections. Today’s refrigerators are designing to keep your food looking and tasting fresher, but it’s important that we start out with the highest quality food to get the maximum use and value out of our home appliances.

Quality Frozen Meats And Seafood

One important area that many home cooks often overlook is the quality of the frozen food that we purchase. After all, it’s frozen, so it must be good, right? Not always. In fact, some suppliers will often ship frozen food as a solid block which, if you are purchasing meat or seafood, can be a time consuming mess. You have to defrost the block of frozen food, then portion it and, unfortunately, it must be used right away as you can’t refreeze foods. Meat, especially, doesn’t like being refrozen and it could suffer freezer burn which means you will need to throw it away. This can become quite expensive.

Benefits Of Purchasing Frozen Food From Good Taste Foods

That’s not to say that frozen food is a bad thing. Not at all. In fact, there are many benefits to frozen food including a longer shelf life, reduced chance of food borne bacteria living on the surface, and, if you shop with Good Taste Foods, you can purchase individually packaged frozen meat and seafood. By individually packaging these items, they will arrive fresher, thaw faster, and you only defrost and cook what you need. Faster, higher quality, more convenience, and less waste.

Another benefit of purchasing frozen food from Good Taste Foods is that we “blast freeze” our shellfish and fish which locks in freshness and only adds a thin layer of ice. Other methods of freezing seafood increase the ice and therefore increases the weight. This additional weight costs more and is directly passed on to customers who often believe that they are getting more for their money.

Good Taste Foods’ IQF, or individual quick frozen, method is what makes us so different than other frozen suppliers and it’s what makes your next home cooking experience easier and much more convenient.

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